Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to evolve as a developer

I'm pretty competitive and I recently found out that a college of mine is very active on Stack Overflow so I decided to start "chasing" him. It took about a month to gain 800 points which got me over 1.000 and made me the among the top 300 contributers for some of those weeks. I wasn't really reaching for any particular score but I had to have some reachable goal and 1.000 seemed like a nice figure.

During this adventure it hit me what a perfect way of gaining knowledge this is. To give a good answer takes thinking, researching and not to forget, good communication skills. I learned a lot from this and got a lot of great feedback from fellow developers.

So my advise is that you should pick a topic (tag on Stack Overflow) that you want to learn more about and start asking, reading and answering questions.

My next tag will be jQuery Mobile.

See you on Stack Overflow!